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Originally Posted by jkwrpc View Post
Very very very nice.

I would be interested to learn how many hours it takes to create something like. Like the others I will be looking very forward to hearing a sound clip (or two).

I am curious about the 4:1 ratio on the tuners. Given today some are as high as 21:1 perhaps you can share why you went with this ratio? I suspect there is some history to this decision. By the way the tuners and headstock are impressive! Thanks for sharing the photo.
Thanks for commenting jkwrpc,

I can't say how many hours. Typically, I spend about 3 months start to finish on a guitar but I'm not working on it the whole time. There are many breaks especially in the finishing proccesses.
I guess the way I look at the tuners is comparing the ratio to a regular tuner peg, which of course, is a 1 to 1 ratio! What really draws me to them are two things, how light they are and the flexibility of design that they allow. You can't make an open headstock like that with standard tuners and I love the open hand look. I do seem to get a mixed reaction to the design. I'll just have to see how many orders I get.

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