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Originally Posted by googoobaby View Post
It's very lovely, especially the headstock. How do those tuning pegs work?
Thanks for your comments googoobaby and JR!

The tuning pegs have a set of internal planetary gears that give the 4 to 1 ratio. They are set in such a way that you can change the resistance to turning by pushing or pulling on them similar to regular friction pegs. Knilling has a good website that explains it pretty well.
The pegs weigh about the same as regular Ebony pegs do, which is not much. You may have noticed that I have a torsion bar that isn't normal for a nylon string guitar. I added it to replace some of the weight lost by not having regular tuners on the head (if the neck is too light it can effect sustain). I figuered if I'm going to add weight it may as well do something.

Thanks Again!
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