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Default Hatcher Penelope Crossover


I've been running a build thread in the Custom section on two Koa Penelope models, one steel string and one nylon string crossover;
I thought I might post some of the pictures of the crossover here. I would be interested in your comments as this is my first nylon crossover model;

The specs are;

Koa back and sides
Swiss Spuce top
25.5" scale length
Cocobolo trim
Ebony finger board
Ivory nut and saddle
Knilling Planetary tuner pags 4 to 1 gear ratio
1 7/8ths" nut
2 5/16ths" string spacing at saddle
Lower Bout 14 7/8“
Waist 8 5/8”
Upper Bout 10 7/8”
Body Length 19 3/4”
Depth at Tail block 4 1/8”
Depth at Neck block 3 1/4”

I kept pretty traditional on the sound board bracing and I used lattice bracing on the back;

The Knilling tuner pegs allow for some real fun designing an open headstock;

I'm sticking traditional with the bridge;

Currently I'm French polishing the sound board and neck and will get to hear it soon!

Thank-you for viewing,
Mark Hatcher

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