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Smile Kraut 00

Paul, Colin, Cigarfan, Bill, CarmelCedar, Bill Kraus, Diamondave, and Erithon, thanks so much for posting and for the kind words.

CarmelCedar, it is too bad that I did not get to meet you when you were here in Tucson. Maybe next time. Ray is indeed very passionate about his craft, and he is a perfectionist like me, which is great.

Diamondave, I keep admiring the guitar Ray is building for you. I wish I could afford all the upgrades you are getting, like Ray's elegant and gorgeous raised fingerboard. I did spring for the same Brazilian rosewood bridge and fingerboard though.

I do feel extremely fortunate to live so close to a world class luthier like Ray. It is great fun to watch him build guitars. I knew the large steps involved, but it is amazing to see all the little, and equally important, steps in between. The collaboration on a custom build is even more fun when I can pick out every piece of wood and see all the progress as it happens. The fact that Ray is also such a terrific person is the cherry on top.

I will post more progress photos in a couple days. I will also post photos of Ray's shop since he has some amazing shop tools and machines.
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