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Ahhh...nothing like reminiscing on the terrible decisions I’ve made. How long do we have lolol.

Definitely had a few that still hurt. Here are the most notable...

1. Santa Cruz 000-Norman Blake #5 of 10
2. 90’s Taylor 815C with Florentine Cutaway
3. Gibson J-100 Xtra with the most beautiful flame maple back I’d ever seen. Not to mention the mustache bridge.
4. Langejans with Zero Fret. Can’t remember the model for the life of me.
5. 2 Gibson J-165’s (one sunburst, one natural).
6. 2 OM/PW’s
7. Larrivee OM-05e

There were more acoustics. But those are what come to mind immediately.

1. 62 Gibson SG. Traded a bartender I worked with a $100 watch for it. Then traded it for some Ibanez “shredder” ��
2. PRS CE24
3. Gretsch G5620T-CB in black. (*Cool story on it. I bought a demo from Sweetwater. It arrived damaged with the entire lower bout crushed. They sent me a brand new on at the demo price. I loved it. Loved it! Got G.A.S. And traded it to a fellow forum member. Missed it and regretted that decision almost immediately. Saw he had listed it for sale here, traded him another guitar I had and got it back. It’s seriously shaped my tonal preferences to the point that I bought an identical one in Red, and a 5622T-CB in Green).
4. Baja Tele with blackguard.
5. Japanese E Series Strat
Gretsch G6128T-TVP Black
Gretsch G5620T-CB Black
Gretsch G5620T-CB Rosa Red
Yamaha FS720 TBS

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