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Default "Affordable" stand-alone device for recording 4 tracks (4 microphones) at once?

I've been doing some recording with two mics plugged into a Presonus Firebox, capturing the tracks with GarageBand (also have Logic Express, but have not learned to use it yet).

For greater convenience (and to deal with a noisy computer fan problem) I'm thinking of getting a stand alone recorder such as the Tascam DP008 8-Track Digital Pocketstudio

But we are thinking we might like to record 4 tracks at once (four musicians) and like the Firebox, the Tascam DP008 only has two microphone inputs.

Are there any "affordable" stand-alone options (that don't require a computer) that you would recommend for recording at least 4 tracks (4 microphones) at once?

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