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Using the PB medium on an OM-18A.

They replaced GHS Americana PB medium (cryogenic).

The primary points with XT are high carbon steel, lifespan treatment and fusion wrap for tuning stability.

I think the GHS has a bit stronger bass, but the XT have several advantages I've noticed, so I've kept them on - only a few days now, but liked them well enough to buy a couple more sets.

First, they seem easier to play, easier to slide, can slide further up the neck and still retain the sound, as in 5-12th fret, or even 3 to 12.

Either my strength has improved or the strings are easier to play, barre chords seem to be no problem at all and easier to hold longer.

Another thing, 12th fret harmonics sound much nicer, fuller tone, sound longer, easier to play well.

Tuning stability seems good too.

And another thing which most probably don't care, even though they have a treatment, it didn't darken the color of the strings.
Martin OM-18 Authentic 1933 VTS (2016)
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