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Originally Posted by ChrisE View Post
When we first started we had a girl singer who thought it was her band. She saw herself as the star and we were her backing band. The problem was that she couldnít sing. Or count. Or remember lyrics. She had to read lyrics off her phone and never knew where to come in. Apparently she didnít own a radio, either. She didnít have any musical exposure. Even the most popular tunes that anyone would have heard on the radio a thousand times were absolutely unfamiliar to her.

We rehearsed several times, steadily cutting the songs she couldnít sing from the set list. When we cut her songs, she tried to sing harmonies on the other songs and couldnít do that either.

By the time we played our first gig we polished our set list enough that she only sang on one song each set, and that was too many. She only had that one gig with us.
This reminds me of one of the first bands I joined and we needed to get a front singer, which they decided needed to be female. While we were searching, the drummers wife would come out to the room where we were practicing and try to sing. Next thing we knew, they'd decided that she was the one to lead the band to local stardom.

Now, my idea of a good fronting singer, male or female, is that in an ideal world they would be 1) Good looking, 2) Charismatic, 3) Have a great voice, 4) Be physically attractive, 5) Know all the lyrics ever written, 6) Be outgoing.

Now there's reality, so in a local scene you're still hoping that your singer is going to hit at least 2 or 3 of those points, especially the singing and charisma parts.

Well, she was a nice person, so there was that. However, she was 1) Very homely looking, 2) Not outgoing and made you feel sorry for her more than anything else, 3) Couldn't sing. I mean really, had no idea of what melody even was, 4) Could, and did, hide her entire body behind the mic stand, 5) Didn't know any lyrics and would hide her face behind a piece of paper while she tried to sing into the mic, 6) Was so shy that she had a hard time even talking to the band members, let alone strangers in an audience.

I never gigged with them, but found out that after a couple gigs that they'd talked themselves into, they disbanded since none of the clubs would let them come back.
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