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Default Sexauer 19, chapter 2

Once again I will leave room for a few posts at the end of "Sexauer ‘19, chapter 1" so that the thread will hopefully not become locked. We are over halfway through the 7th month, so this thread may make it to the end of the year! If you are wondering what I am talking about, HERE is a link to the previous thread. In fact I have been conducting this blow by blow documentation of my lutherie for several years, I think each of the chapters is linked backwards as this one it. Yes, some people do care.

I took most of the last month off from the bench and caught up on yard maintenance, retouching trim in the house, and even replaced some bricks in my front porch which were broken when an amateur crew (uncles and sons of the giftee) carried my daughter's long unused piano out a couple of years ago. I strung up the Koa 000 a week ago and am reinspired.

Yesterday I joined a top plate which I received from Poland a month or two ago. I had ordered 4 "Mastergrade" tops from them and they sent me 7 tops, none of which are quite as good as I hoped, but all of which seem good enough to build first rate guitars from. I picked one for this next guitar which is neither the best nor the worst, and it is looking pretty fine so far.

This will be another extremely Martin derived OM, not unlike the hOMage I built a few months ago. I call it an FT-15-es, where es is a tip of hat to Eric Schoenberg, for whom I have built many similarly inspired guitars. Here is the VERY well quartered BRW back:


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