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Default I never "got" the Grateful Dead ...

I'm just sitting here watching a Grateful Dead performance on public t.v. I don't know, any Dead I ever heard always sounded like pretty average music and a really loose jam session.

I know there was a lot of drug use among the listeners. I never was into drugs - but I have to say that I can't imagine what kind of drugs they would have to be ... to make what I'm listening to right now sound like great music!

The band members all look pretty stoned, that's for sure. Bob Weir has a running nose and I'm wondering if he wasn't doing coke. Jerry Garcia and all the other guys (I don't know any other names or even if they were always the same) look kind of stiff and yet really loopy at the same time ... I'm just thinking maybe they've all dropped acid...

sigh .... I guess I just can't understand, because I didn't take acid ... ???
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