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Originally Posted by nootis View Post
What a great build and a great way to kick off your Texas retirement. I love all the TX wood choices, and am also amazed that the Mesquite is so relatively straight. It looks like blonde Brazilian! I've got a big old Mesquite tree in my front yard that spirals towards the sun. It'd be a shame if a wind storm uprooted it. I also have some TX ebony on a CS the boys built a while back, and while I'm not even remotely a Texan, I love the fact that a minor wood choice like that pays homage to the area from where it was built. You've got that in spades with this one.

I also can't wait to see your inlay come together. We all know Craig does amazing work. Congrats!

Thanks for the kind words and support. You know I value your opinion. I absolutely love mesquite. If your tree ever does go, it may be of value to have a pro cut it up for sellable lumber. I have no idea the cost ratios of course, but it is really valued down here at least especially nice slabs. Big slabs of walnut sell for 4 to 5 grand if they are nice.

Craig drew up a design which I think will be great. All Tx species of flowers and birds etc. Steve is going to top it off with a nice little touch on the headstock also. Hopefully it will be just enough to be cool, but not over-the-top.
PS. I love guitars!
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