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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
A retirement guitar all Texas. Now that is really special! Congrats.

One has to wonder ... will you require auditioners to be Texans as well?

Love the woods. The Hackberry rosette will be really special. And all that Texas sweat from Steve and Ryan will make for some schweeet music from this one.
Special exceptions will be made for anyone who has attended each and every B.I.G. or are from the eastern sea board!

Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
Tom, a bit more of this story: once when John was here visiting we drove 30 minutes north of town to a mom-n-pop hardwood yard. (One never knows what treasures might be found in such places.) It was an interesting enterprise, with a surprising variety of domestic and exotic species, all tucked away in a big tin barn. To add to the homey feel, their security was two huge Great Dane dogs. One in particular took to my brother and would amble over and lean his full weight against his legs. I think John felt obligated to buy something…anything—the pressure was on. At this trip we found several boards of Amazon rosewood, and this one large board of Mesquite. I really wanted one of us to snag the board, but I had grabbed the rosewood and my bank account already was fussing at me. So Brother John stepped up and got the board, some of which is now becoming your guitar.

He has the rest of this board at his North Carolina shop, should anyone else want to enjoy some “Texas Rosewood”. Just sayin’.

Thanks Steve, maybe a little more history on the Houston Sitka unless I covered it close enough already.

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Unless the abalone came from the coastal waters off Texas, I'm thinking you gotta go with the dark Texas Ebony!

Originally Posted by j. Kinnaird View Post
Good story Bro. Well told!
I was trying to think how long ago that was. I think that board had been sitting in their warehouse for a pretty long time judging from the dust and add the years since our visit that board was from a tree cut a number of years ago. I believe its it's well seasoned
Well seasoned...just like the rest of us involved in this project with the exception of the extremely young and handsome Ryan.
PS. I love guitars!
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