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Default An Slovakian parlor in a Spanish monastery

Hello from Spain. my name is Manolo Rosa.
I want to share with you this video, itīs a nice visual work made by a friend of mine.
I play a composition of mine in a Dowina Bona Vida Merlot, an excellent and exquisite little guitar made in Slovakia. The tuning is DADGAD.
The piece it is called "En Tierra de Campos", an evocation of a Spanish region full of cereal fields and beautiful colors.
It is a live recording, with the acoustics of these ancient walls, in Santa Maria de Rioseco, Burgos.

- This is the IG link:
- And this is the Youtube link (you can put it in HD):

I hope you like it.
Thanks again to you for all I learn in this fantastic forum.

All the best.
IG: @pourlaguitare
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