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Originally Posted by bellgamin View Post
P.S. It's a bit frustrating that guitar makers assume that a 3/4 size guitar is only for kids. As a result, I searched long & hard trying to find a 3/4 size, all-solid-wood, nylon stringed guitar. No success, so I bought the Kremona (solid top, B&S plywood) & it turned out to be pretty good for a low-priced instrument. Made in Bulgaria, I think.
A Wee Lowden is definitely not a kids guitar - probably the highest-end small guitar there is.

You should also check out a Taylor GS Mini - definitely not a kid guitar and super high quality - especially the "mahogany" version.

And Ed Sheeran had played a Little Martin for a very long time (until he got a signature Wee model from Lowden then his own line)
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