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Default Uptuning (I need some advice)

I just bought a Kremona 3/4 size classical because I'm 91 & can't handle a full-size or steel strings any more. It's now tuned E to E but I want to uptune it 3 semitones to G to G. It has no truss rod so the neck *might* get screwed-up, but that's a risk I'm quite willing to take.

1- To reduce the possibility of harming the neck, should I use low tension strings or...?
2- On the other hand (and never mind the risk of harming the neck), would medium tension strings be more likely to give me better resonance at G to G tuning?

P.S. It's a bit frustrating that guitar makers assume that a 3/4 size guitar is only for kids. As a result, I searched long & hard trying to find a 3/4 size, all-solid-wood, nylon stringed guitar. No success, so I bought the Kremona (solid top, B&S plywood) & it turned out to be pretty good for a low-priced instrument. Made in Bulgaria, I think.
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