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Originally Posted by llew View Post
I have melodies/music but no lyrics? I have bits and pieces of songs floating around in my head. Some started with an ending. Some started with a hook. Some of it is just playing a progression that I begin to recognize as a possibility for a song. Some has been in the works for years? It makes no sense whatsoever to me? I'm not what I would call a "real" songwriter. I have friends who are very good at it. Something has to move me, inspire me to write and when that happens it usually comes quickly and if I'm not in a place where I can at least make some notes I'll lose it. And later when I try to reconstruct from memory it never comes together as it did in that moment of epiphany? I'm beginning to think it's a gift that you're overly blessed with or that maybe you have it in you and you just have to work at it...I really don't know. Just wish I was better at it.
I'm the opposite. I have SO MANY lyrics that I have written but not many melodies/music. Many say I should first get melodies down, but I can't seem to get it. So many thoughts that I write down, just can't seem to get good hooks down.
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