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"Thinking is the worst thing for writing a song"

I can understand where Neil Young is coming from on this, knowing his music. Sometimes I have written songs this way, but in the last 25 years, my approach has been much more like the songsmith that Bikewer describes as "coming up with a good "hook" and building the song around that." For me, coming up with interesting music has never been hard. For me, coming up with an interesting subject, something that is actually worth the time and that has meaning for someone else, and then is expressed well in an appealing way and form -- that, to me, is hard. It's real work, in fact. Music, at least for me and the way my mind works, is the easy part.

I agree with jseth that "...I wouldn't suggest following ANYONE'S advice to the extent of eschewing your own "way"... " Everybody seems to do it differently, even people who actually make money at it.

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