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Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
I don't need the pcie slots anymore. In the past, I needed them for UAD cards but when I switched over to the iMac, I sold the cards and bought an octo satellite.

I have three main reasons for wanting a Mac Pro rather than some version of an iMac.
1. I like being able to upgrade the computer should my needs change. The iMac makes you guess today at what you're needs will be years down the road. I have no idea what my needs will be because I don't know what advances will be made with software that will require upgrades to my system. To a much larger degree than I'm comfortable with, the iMac locks me in.
2. Prior to buying the iMac, I was using a 32" monitor. The iMac forced me to go down to a 27" monitor. I'd really like to have a bigger screen but I have no place to put one now.
3. The Mac Pro leaves me with an uncluttered workspace. The only wires I'd have to have on my desk would be the ones for the display, the keyboard, and the mouse. The iMac created clutter that is always in my way. I have a box to hold ssd drives, a cd drive, a backup drive, two powered usb hubs, and a power strip all sitting on my desk. To make enough room for it all, I have the iMac on a 4 inch shelf so some stuff can fit underneath. With a Mac Pro, all that stuff could be with the computer and out of my way.

But it is what it is. And for now, I'll live with it. On the other side of my relocation I'm going to purchase a real studio desk and hopefully I'll be able to find solutions to the clutter issue. But there is no solution for the fact that I'm somewhat locked in with the iMac. I did pretty much max it out when I bought it so I should be good for a long while. I probably would have gone with the iMac Pro had it been available but when I purchased my iMac, it was either this or the trashcan.
Well the good news is if your current machine is working well there really is no pressing reason to change.

Which Is why I plan to (at most) invest in new Graphics card for my current machine and maybe change out my two storage HD for SSDs. BUT right I am on High Sierra which is working well so I may not even do that.
Honestly I would in the future love to see Apple come out with a scaled down MP version targeted more for Audio, but who Knows ?
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