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Originally Posted by tariq1890 View Post
...I've always wanted to make my own solo guitar arrangements.But i find figuring out the basslines very difficult by ear.I can work the melody part out though(anyone can).
Hi tariq...

I prefer doing my own arrangements rather than knocking off those or others. I appreciate the other versions, but mine is mine, and I'm only trying to live up to my standard and not some other player's standard.

When I'm designing arrangements of songs from scratch, I listen to a lot of representative music in that style (Pandora, YouTube etc) and kind of saturate myself in it (perhaps marinate myself in it).

Then I get my gigging partner to jam with me in that style. I hum along, listen for specific parts etc. I try to get a feel for the bass and I play along with recordings to track with the bass, and key harmonies, crucial chords etc.

And I give myself the freedom to try anything, but then begin narrowing in on what it is I'm putting together. This may be a 2 week process for things I'm familiar with or a 2 month process when it's foreign to me to begin with.

But I'm never just working on only one thing. So I take my time and get it the way I want it (or think I want it) and then tweak it into a shape that it's performable, and see how it survives a gig or guitar society meeting (where 15-20 other guitarists attend).

Then I may still shape it a bit more...

Hope this helps.


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