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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Beautiful piece Mark! Knocked it out of the park as usual.

Wish I could be there to watch Roland when he gets to hold and hear this beauty for the first time. Congrats!
Thanks cigar fan! I am looking forward to Roland coming this afternoon. I enjoy being there when one of my guitars is played by it's new owner. Also, it is often the first time I hear the guitar played by someone else.

Originally Posted by TEK View Post
Amazing work again Mark!
Thanks Travis!
Originally Posted by Loggerenguitars View Post
Hi Mark,

I must say that this is just tooo beautiful for words!!!!

I've been following most of your work here without commenting much on any post and couldn't hold myself back to at least tell you how your work has inspired me!!!

You have an amazing touch and taste!!!

Thank you for sharing with us!!!
Thanks for commenting Loggerenguitars! I'm glad to hear my work is inspiring to you!

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