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Originally Posted by penny View Post
How do you set up your hypemic? Iíd love to hear how anyone having this mic sets the levels and compression and your preferred mic placement.


1. Do you set the levels first, then the compression? Do you find you need to reduce the gain after you set the compression because the signal is so boosted?

2. Do you set the compression first and then adjust the gain so itís not too hot of a signal?

3.What do you find is the optimal peak level on the three lights, one, two or three lights lit green, not going above the second light, allowing it to peak with occasionally hitting orange?

4. If you sing and play acoustic guitar using this one mic, what have you found to be your favorite placement in therms of height and distance from the microphone? Do you use the supplied mini tripod or something else

Any tips and hints and observations appreciated! I am specifically trying to get a strong signal with compression for singing and playing guitar together for live streaming, so not able to boost the level later in post.

I love the hypemic and Iím experimenting with all this, but havenít hit on what I think sounds best yet.



Those are good questions. Since I use the middle compression setting for streaming I turn it on and then set the gain. Every software is different so itís going to be trial and error for each one.
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