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The timing could well have been to order materials - if a supplier is closing in a few minutes, or, if there’s a special set of material that they have put on hold, and the supplier calls them and says they have someone else who wants that set and will pay for it immediately, and can’t hold it indefinitely, so pay now or we’ll sell to someone else, then yes, 10 or 15 minutes may make a difference. Or if the material is already on hand, and another buyer really wants it and has cash in hand ready to go but needs to know if it’s theirs or not, then asking you if you are committing or not is extremely reasonable. Indecision, if this has been a ongoing discussion for some time up to this, might raise some very serious doubts in the builders mind whether an inability to commit or make decisions is going to affect or delay the timing and process while the build is ongoing, and lead to regrets and an unhappy customer after the build is done - especially if it might affect other buyers who are eager and anxious to get their builds going sooner than later.

Or - they need the money to handle a cash flow problem - hard call -
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