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Originally Posted by raybklyn View Post
It was cordial and respectful. I agree that all luthiers I have spoke with are accessible and friendly as heck. The ultimatum had to do with meeting time constraints for a build slot as materials need to be in shop before starting.

It ft a bit odd to have an ultimatum with minutes to confirm in order to get the build slot. I confirmed 20 minutes later yet lost the build slot anyway.

Not an angry word was ever shared and I am not upset but just wanted to know if this is unique, as every conversation with luthiers had been easy going until that moment.
The other thing I was going to mention was material acquisition, if needed. If perhaps the builder has reserved materials (that include yours) that are in reserved quantities from a supplier and is getting heat from said supplier who may have another buyer and thus extends the impatience to you...they simply may have no alternative.
It seems as though you were quite respectful in the process and I'm just trying to example one scenario where the choice may indeed have been as dire as it seemed. The materials will need to acclimate to the builders shop so...

Hopefully you still manage to get a fine instrument in due time. Best of luck...

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