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Perhaps they are being as direct and honest as they can. If they have a waiting list and you're up but undecided on specs, there is a chance that they have their build schedule process so tightly plotted out that they need to have it worked out.
I have visited shops of many colleagues and one particular who has what I consider a shockingly high production number for a single maker. His pricing would be at the top end of what you have quoted. It is quite clear to me that any lax in his process of building and he simply wouldn't be able to hit the production numbers he does. As he builds in batches, one mishap can tie-up the completion of six instruments.

Due to the manner at which I underwent my own path in lutherie, I can honestly recognize that I inherited some manners which make me seem a curmudgeon.
Maybe you're just dealing with an extremely tightly scheduled builder that's a bit of a curmudgeon such as myself.

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