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Originally Posted by H165 View Post
I've listened to masters directly off the Studer, Otari, and others in direct comparison with vinyl.
I listen to music, not to recordings. I still have a turntable, and I've bought some recent recordings on vinyl (and I also get a download code to access the digital recordings).

I like music. Some of the music I like was recorded in the 1930's / 40's, and the sound quality is not that great. But the music is there.

But as the quoted post says, you only hear the FULL quality of the music if you're in the control room (or the mastering studio) listening to the original recording coming at you off the source tape. Everything else, including well-produced vinyl, is a step down.

It's a losing game. If you weren't in the control room, you're hearing a step down in fidelity. Digital or analog.

So enjoy the music.
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