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I read about and listened to different recording devices when I first started thinking about doing videos. At the time I had an iPhone7 that was a few years old. Circumstances allowed, or demanded , I get a new phone, so I upgraded to a 2020 iPhone7 (SE) and voila!- I had tried a mini recording device that would do a better job of hearing the guitar and sent it back. I also tried a shuremv88 and was not impressed.
I tried a mini iPad and was not impressed and sent it back. I tried straight to my lap top and was not impressed-

My you tube channel I did a review (don't remember which one) in which I referenced the mini iPad- most of my videos are straight to my iPhone7 (SE) which does just fine as far as I can tell- professional? No. But, neither am I.
But, it is simple. See the K.I.S.S. in my signature? Not only is the phone simple, it is inexpensive, comparatively speaking and it is also is multi-purpose, i.e., utilitarian.

I even have a shure57 I have used to experiment using a mini loud box as the speaker and still I go back to the straight to the phone. I sit 30 or so inches away from it, lean it against my lap top screen and it captures quite well-

I follow these "plug in" device threads, a little, but, at this point in time, I'll stick to the phone.

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