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Originally Posted by SprintBob View Post

That recording is wonderful. Your recording chain is impressive given the quality of your mics, mic preamp, and AD/DA converter going in to the Apollo Twin. Is the UA converter used in lieu of the onboard converter(s) on the Apollo Twin?

For the outboard effects chain, are the Lexicon effects applied during tracking or do you use it for mixing via the inputs/outputs you list below (total rookie question).

Again, always enjoy listening to your recordings. They are all so well done.


Hi Bob,

Yes, I use the UA 2192 for conversion instead of the Apollo Twin X converters. I recorded the raw track without effects first, then went back and added Lexicon PCM 92 effects after. Honestly, I went through a lazy period of not using hardware effects, and it took some effort to hook everything up right again, this time with everything patched properly ready to record.

Thanks for the comments!

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