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Default Recorded Ryan Nightingale - Added Outboard Effects


A few years ago I went to great lengths to try to figure out how to add hardware effects to my recordings after-the-fact. Now I have a different recording interface, the Universal Audio Apollo Twin X. It took me a couple of of hours to figure it out. Hey, maybe I have improved my skills over the years!

Original Recording Chain: I recorded this with my Ryan Nightingale Grand Soloist -> Gefell M300 matched pair -> Avalon AD2022 Mic Preamp -> Universal Audio AD2192 AD/DA Converter -> Apolo Twin X -> Macbook Pro With Logic Pro X.

Outboard Effects Signal Chain: Apollo Twin X interface -> line outputs to Lexicon PCM92 -> PCM92 outputs into Apollo Twin X line inputs -> Macbook Pro using Logic Pro X

Basically, I just love the lush sound of higher end hardware effects. Here is an example of what it sounds like:

Recording With Hardware Effects Added

Note: My B string nut slot needs fixing, and you may hear a slight buzz from it.

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