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Default Contouring the Fretboard Extension Support

Shaping the new fretboard extension support was as time consuming as expected.

It's really important to get the arch contour above the neck block correct. It's the area of the soundboard that has the most contact with extension support area and provides a solid footing. Rolling the pen along the inside diameter of the washer gives me a perfect mirror image of the contour. The tape is then fitted on to the extension support to ensure the piece is contoured accurately.

Once the basic curve is carved into the sole of the extension support, the pattern is drawn into the sole with a pencil. In this particular case, minimizing the contact patch of the extension support and the soundboard is the goal. This extension is going to be contoured to allow for soundboard contact above the length of the neck block and two points at the forward tip of the extension support.

Thanks to the Canadian Birch, the extension support can be really thin, and when combined with the Ebony fretboard, there will be plenty of stability even if the higher frets are played (a minimal issue for a non-cutaway archtop).

After hours of routing, carving, filing, scraping and sanding, the extension support needs to be leveled and fitted.

Just a little bit more to go for a final fit! Really excited to get to this point. Hope to be finalizing the fretboard with binding and fretting in the next two or three weeks and then on to final assembly and finish touch-up...

COVID-19 seems to be surging all over the world; so stay safe everybody! Thanks for letting me share!
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