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Originally Posted by nkatsonis View Post
Understood, Howard. I don't pretend to be the player that you are, but I am curious if you have heard one of Jason's pickups. To my ears, they capture the acoustic tone of the guitar far better than any other magnetic pickup. But, yes, they are still not the equivalent of a microphone. Frankly, though, if my goal is to obtain the best acoustic sound, assuming that both the guitar and the venue suited, I'd personally rather just set up a mic. But I suppose that is not a response to the OP's request.
I agree on just setting up a mic. Of course it's very dependent on having an audience that's willing and able.

After that it's cake.

As far as hearing a particular magnetic pickup goes: They're all based on a similar principle, and what happens when people 'listen' to them, is they're not just hearing the pickup, but the room in which the amplifier's speaker is greatly affected by the ambience.

Yes, there's no doubt that all magnetic pickups have a certain 'voice', but none of them reproduce air.

Are they pleasant sounding? Absolutely.......sometimes, but it's usually got little to do with the pickup, and almost all to do with the player behind the wheel, but I digress.......

Give a listen to James May's sound sample in his post here. The last section is 100% magnetic pickup, direct.

No ambience.

Listen with headphones if you have them.

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