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Default Pickup recommendation for Archtop Acoustic with floating bridge

I originally asked this in the Acoustic Amplification forum:
@ljguitar suggested this might be a better place for it, so here it is.

I'm looking to replace the Shadow NanoFlex HD under saddle pickup in my Epi Century Zenith. I'm looking for something that will best capture a true acoustic sound through a PA system with minimal signal processing, though I'm not averse to adding something like a Para Acoustic DI box, if necessary. FWIW, my budget is not unlimited, but neither is it anemic.

I'm thinking maybe an undersaddle pickup combined with a microphone along the lines of an LR Baggs Anthem. The problem with the Anthem, if it is, indeed, a problem, is that my Zenith is an archtop with a floating bridge. Thus, no bridge plate to mount the mic component. Also, the F-holes may pose a challenge for installation, not to mention that the preamp and controls are designed to mount inside a round sound hole.

@James May has me salivating over a project that is about to bear fruit involving an Archtop, Ultra Tonic pickup, and a blend pot scheme, so I'm looking forward to more detail on that.

Recommendations? Suggestions?
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