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Default Neck/Bridge alignment and finishing touches ....

Originally Posted by Jobe View Post
You sound excited! I know I would be. Hey, that guy with the 'Astro' tee shirt doesn't look like any CNC machine that I'm familiar with. That is curious.
Thanks Pete! I am over the moon on this one!

Originally Posted by Montesdad View Post
Stunning guitar Dennis - - - you've all done quite well on your collaboration.

I'm checkin in everyday on this one - - - - - -
Thanks Nicholas. Appreciate you hanging in for the ride!

Originally Posted by SnowManSnow View Post
Awesome craftsmanship. Well done!
Question: that arch w the bridge pins... do they match the arch that the rosette makes or would that be too severe? I just couldn't tell from that last pic.
Thanks Brandon!

Originally Posted by Zacharius View Post
Wow! This is going to be a beauty! Congrats and I look forward to watching it progress!
Thanks for following along Zach! Appreciate the kind words.

Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
This beauty is really coming together Dennis. How do you sleep at night?

At 20,000 plus thread views, I'd say you have captured the attention of a few folks!

I for one, am looking forward to the next installment of "Kinnairdly Wait"
No problem sleeping ... I just dream about how schweeet she will sing. Thanks Michael!


Fitting the neck and bridge. That fretboard and rosette look soooo nice together!

And here she is, "in the white" as Ryan calls it.

Our first glimpse of the Alessi tuning machines on the peghead. Mmmmm!


Not sure but I think these are the last pics we will see for a while. This beauty is off to get her gloss finish. Gonna be a while. I Kinnairdly wait!
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