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Default How to remove deep scratches on pick guard surface

I recently acquired an older Yamaha (for all of 7 bucks)and I’m currently trying my had at refinishing. It was previously used as a busker and it had all the “decorations” applied by the previous owner including: silver sparkle painted saddle, ballpoint pen “drawings”, decals, and artistic “etching” on the top.

To boot it was also missing half its bridge pins and the nut was half melted onto the fretboard. Yeah it was a piece of something...

There are some longer 2-3” scratches that are fairly deep on the pick-guard. I did some light sanding with some wet 400 grit paper to get rid of the finer scratches, but I’m not sure how to approach the deeper ones.

Would acetone or the like do the job? Or am I better off just replacing the whole thing. Any ideas?
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