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Smile NYE greetings AGF

Thank you Dennis! I have waited to respond not wanting to bump with no news...

I expect we will hear more from John soon, meanwhile:

This is from Walter Meyer. Cindy's friend and excellent writer. My slight edit
for here:

New Year’s hottest club is...Staying Home. This place has EVERYTHING! Cheap drinks. Heavy pours. Your favorite spot
(and sport) on the couch.

No bathroom lines. No cover for ladies (masks & bras not required).
Unlimited VIP fridge access.

Live performances by you!

Also, staring at your phone & MORE!

Plus banging on pots and pans at midnight somewhere...

Be Smart, Stay Well, Have FUN

3 KILLER John Kinnaird Customs. (I owned 6)
R.T 2c 12 fret Custom
2016 552ce 12X12
R.Wilson Weissy
A few choice 90s Taylors
budget electrics, and reso
Still Too many, but

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