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Human beings using their hands are also the norm in Taylor or Gibson or Martin. In only some operations are large scale machinery like band saws or computer aided machinery used to form certain parts but most of the operations are still done by human hands using hand tools. In fact some solo builders either use the same equipment or source their parts from suppliers using such equipment. So that may not be a definition that works to really make a working distinction between folks who are really doing philosophically different things.

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That number you used is far more than the number of guitars Eastman produces in a year. It's been told to me the number is around 50-60 per day. That info comes directly from Ted at L.A. Guitars who is one of their better dealers and has been dealing with Eastman for almost as long as they have been building guitars. He is also very close with the Eastman folks at the L.A. Headquarters and Custom Shop. BTW, that's about 25 years.
What you see in the video is accurate but not everything you see those folks doing is everything that is going on. There are highly skilled folks hand carving necks and doing finish work totally by hand.
The point is, it's still being done by hand, not a robot.
To me that's the definition of hand-crafted, hand-made or whatever ... human beings making things their hands or with tools in their hands. YMMV.
In the end it is about who you love above yourself and what you have stood for and lived for that make the difference...
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