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To me, it is really immaterial how many staff r employed or how many hand tools are used r whether compiter aided machinery is used or how many guitars are produced. The question is - are they individually voicing each guitar such as tap tuning or other methods so as to optimise the tone of the individual guitar or are they instead producing a product in that they are thicknessing the parts to the same dimensions following a template or set specification regardless of the characteristics and stiffness of the wood sets used in each guitar? If they are doing the former then they are not a factory but if they are doing the latter they are a factory.

Originally Posted by rokdog49 View Post
I understand and that part of my post you quoted wasn't really aimed at you, so my apologies.
It was born out of a continuing frustration with the general ignorance and false assumptions others continue to make about Eastman.
It is important to note that the annual quantity of guitars Eastman produces pales in comparison to a long list of factory builders. This is directly due to the fact that they use people and hand tools more than any other "factory".
That's part of what I was trying to say.
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