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Originally Posted by Simon Fay View Post
I wasn't responding to your post specifically, mate - just commenting on the general gist of this thread.

In response to your question of why I lumped Eastman into the same category as Taylor -- the answer is because they are a factory. Factories are set up and organized for speed and efficiency. IMO, the technology a factory utilizes is more about repeatability and cost savings from labor -- the basic goal is still to build as much product as you can while hopefully maintaining a high level of quality.
I understand and that part of my post you quoted wasn't really aimed at you, so my apologies.
It was born out of a continuing frustration.
It is important to note that the annual quantity of guitars Eastman produces pales in comparison to a long list of factory builders. This is directly due to the fact that they use people and hand tools more than any other "factory".
That's part of what I was trying to say.
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