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Originally Posted by rmsstrider View Post
I agree, CF is great. I love my composite accoustics Legacy. The Jouney not so much. It is not getting played much these days. Ive tried every string combo, elixirs 80/20's, aluminum bronze, beefed up the trebles to 13 and 17. Still , no joy. Not expecting dreadnaught sound out of a 00 body. But to my ears a good finger picker , not so good struming. Plugged in is a different ball game, but i dont do that so much anymore. The alternative CF guitars, Rainsong, Mcpherson, Emerald, all fantastic, but more than i want to spend, even used. I can buy the PRS for my journey and maybe 375.00 trade. I dont know , with some humidity pacs and a little care , maybe. ? I sure am spoiled by the CF guitars.
Oh you can absolutely make it work. Just follow the normal rules regarding wood guitars. Keep it in the case when not played with some sort of humidification. Never leave it out on the stand for too long and all those kind of things and you will be absolutely fine. Wood guitars are delicate, but not as delicate as we all think. Most who bought a carbon fiber guitar got them for the "set it and forget it" aspect and leaving it out anywhere without worry, which is quite convenient I might add.
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