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Originally Posted by Brent Hahn View Post
I had the pleasure of mixing FOH for a show last night that included Daniel Boling of the Limelighters. Great player and performer. His old Gibson sounded amazing. It's on my list for today to email him and ask him what he has in there.
Apologies for quoting myself, but here's what he said in reply:

"A lot of the sound is this well-used middle-aged Gibson J-30 I've had
since the very early 90s. The pickup is a K&K pure country -- three hot
spots superglued on the underside of the bridge plate, running passive.
For a single source pickup it does the best job I've heard of capturing
a good acoustic tone with some wood in it -- and far warmer that any of
the piezos I've tried. There are elaborate blended systems, but the good
ones cost an arm and a leg and are still pretty prone to feedback. For a
one-song spot I just plug into the house line. Otherwise I put a little
K&K DI box inline that gives me a little front end EQ control and volume
adjustment, and whenever possible I add an instrument mic as well. But
for the majority of solo performances these days I use just an
instrument mic and don't plug in. And as we discussed briefly while you
were striking the stage, for our trio performances we cluster around a
since condenser mic for all the vocals and instruments except for Andy's

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