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Originally Posted by Neil K Walk View Post
Here's an example to deepen the debate: for years Larrivee has said that their guitars are "hand fitted" but many have said that they are "boutique quality on a budget." There are videos on the Youtubes about how they use CNC to carve their necks but when it comes time to put the neck on the body the human element comes into play and hand tools are used to adjust the fit.
How many new, out-of-the-box Larrivee guitars need a neck reset? How many new, out-of-the-box Martin guitars need a neck reset? (This is a quality of manufacturing issue: it has nothing to do with who's guitars you like better.)

"Quality" is achieved by knowing when to use a machine and when to do something by hand. That is, some things machines do better; some things are better done by hand/handtools. Knowing which is which and applying that knowledge to one's manufacturing is key.
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