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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
That may be the way you prefer to work and your DAW choice , which is great. For me in Pro Tools it makes no difference.
In either routing selection or editing, given PT can edit multiple tracks simultaneously with a single swipe .
The point still remains the problem he is having looks to be in a single stereo track from his screen shot
Say you want to rearrange the recording, delete out an extra repeat of something you played. If you can do that simultaneously and equally to each mono track with one click then that's great. Or you want
one instance of some reverb affecting both R and L sides without having to set up a send track/return, etc., then that's also great.

Regarding the screen shots, I not familiar with that DAW interface to be sure. I do know there are other settings that are setup in other interfaces not shown in the screen shots.
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