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Originally Posted by Larsis View Post
Unfortunately, the S button is for Solo, M is for Mute. The question is, if I even can change it to stereo now, when it's already recorded. I tried almost everything, what I could, but no better results. I can try a plugin MonoToStereo, it helped spread the sound a little bit.

Unfortunately I use pro tools and I am not at all familiar with Cubase's GUI
It looks like your inputs and outputs are correct .
You may want to consider joining the Seinburg forums for more targeted expertise in cubase specifically

That said
I cannot see any pan controls on any of your screen shots. Can you do a screen shot of your mixer ? and do you know where the pan control/s are?

BTW the left and right mics should be recorded as mono, given they are in fact mono mics and it should make no difference if it is a stereo track, or two mono tracks ... NOTE a stereo track is actually just two mono inputs one left and one right, that are feeding the same single split/stacked mono tracks, with one set of controls . Where two separate mono tracks have obviously two sets of controls.
Either way the recording are actually dual mono.

Also Zoom way in on the waveforms for your left and right and see it the are exactly the same or slightly different...If they are exactly the same i.e. you could overlay one over the other and there would be no variation then you are actually getting the signal from only one mi
c ....if they are slight different then you are getting the signal from two different mics
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