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Originally Posted by Vaillant75 View Post
I am currently learning about recording (quite the rabbit hole, but getting there bit by bit), so I'll post more pieces in a few weeks.

Out fo curiosity, what strings are you using on the MMD?

On another note, you have a Taran in the works right?
1. I now use an Apogee MiC and an iPad. I got "into" recording a few years ago and, TBH, it drove me crazy and was a huge distraction. Took ages to set the stuff up (multiple mics, preamp etc), and that contributed to "Red Light Fever". There was a guy around here years ago - "Mau" - who did amazing recordings with just an iPad and IOS Garageband. He taught me it was the player not the gear. Expensive gear didn't help my playing - quite the opposite!

2. D'Addario EJ17. I've tried loads of strings and, again, it's a distraction. D'Addario's are super consistent, super reliable, and available everywhere. They work.

3. Yes, and that will probably be an issue for me. After years of GAS chasing I have settled with two superb instruments, my Sands and a Claxton OM. They are all I'll ever need but in July 2019 I played a new model from Rory that I thought was in a different league to his prior guitars; it combined the clarity and separation of a Sobell but in a slightly softer and sweeter, more palatable format. I really didn't want another steel-string but I got on his list against my better judgement.

Rory and Tom are good mates but their guitars are quite different sonically (and constructionally - Rory's are very arched); I'm expecting the Taran to be brighter, drier, and more punchy / direct than the Sands, and with better separation. Like you say above, the Sands is sweeter, with lots of overtones and resonance. My Claxton is an insanely good guitar in a more traditional Martinesque format. I only really need two steel-strings so I'm not sure where that leaves me but Rory's guitar won't arrive for quite some time, so that first-world problem is deferred.

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