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Originally Posted by Tony Done View Post
This was maybe 18 years ago. I bought the guitar new because it sounded big and bright, good all round in fact. Over a period of about three years it turned into a miserable dull clunker, and I couldn't even get my mate at the music store to trade it for something else. Apart from the tone, it had other major issues, like the finish lifting in front of the bridge, a low neck angle and a fretboard extension that went up and down like a seesaw. - I couldn't get the action height anywhere near as low as I wanted it - about 1.6-1.8 mm. The importer (I'm in Oz) is responsible for the warranty, and the best he would offer was to steam the top back down again. No thanks.
I eventually did trade it, but at a big loss.

It had always been kept in my music room which is a good environment for keeping guitars, and I used a humidifier on it during dry spells. I'm quite confident that storage conditions weren't the problem, because my other guitars are just fine.

This might help you understand why I'm so cynical about more expensive/big name is better.
Wow, thx for sharing and sorry to hear that. I would expect that form a Gibson but not a Martin. Goes to show how little these "lifetime warranties" mean. I would never buy a new guitar just for a meaningless warranty if I could find the same one used.

My experience has been that they sound smoother with age but I do have a nice Tak that was too dark and murky for my tastes so it sat in the case for 5 years. Amazingly, when I pulled it out to start playing it again it was vibrant and shimmering. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't have old recordings to prove the difference. That experience re-invigorated my interest in acoustics.
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