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Originally Posted by Fast Jimmy View Post
Looking for some help to develop a strumming pattern to the Harry Belafonte version of this song. I've searched the internet but can't find anything that seems to accurately represent what's going on, that can be played on solo guitar and I don't have the skill to figure it out on my own. Any help?

Thanks, Fast Jimmy
Hey Fast Jimmy...
A suggestion. I play and teach the Irish drum. The bodhran (bow- rawn) It is a vertically played drum and you could say that it is kind of strummed. (Playing the drum helps me a great deal with developing strumming patterns on guitar.)

So, here is my suggestion for your song.
Think of the word WATERMELON. Now, think of it's syllables. Wa-ter-mel-on. Start with a down strum, then an up-down pattern, per syllable. Accent the first (down) strum. Use this as your basic pattern. Add aditional ad lib strumming as you see fit.

This might seem a bit goofy but it really does work. Good luck with it
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