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Default Home stretch ...

You folks on the forum are the best. Such devout lovers of all things guitar. I appreciate your kinds words very much. It is always very nice to hear from you and it is an honor and a privilege to share this journey with you.

Here we are ... the home stretch! The guitar is back in the hands of the masters in Texas sporting an amazing sunburst thanks to Tony. Fantastic job! Now comes the finishing touches.

Some gorgeous silking in the Italian Spruce shining through the burst.

Steve describes a technique of placing a piece of paper under the fretboard extension when it is glued on. This aids in removing the fretboard if the guitar should need a neck reset in the future. I am tickled to see they have used a piece with Tom's Irish inlay on it. I will always have part of his guitar with me!

And here, with Alessi tuning machines installed, is my headstock sporting the amazing torch by Larry Robinson. As Steve has said, gazing at this always makes one smile!

And finally a couple shots of the neck being glued in place. The fretboard looks so nice! The theme has come together and really works! WooHoo!

And the bridge shape is one for the ages. Love it!

Next stop ... let's string this sweet thing up and hear her sing!
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