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Default New guitar with fret buzz - send back?

If you buy a guitar online and it comes with some slight fret buzz, the only thing you can really do is adjust your truss Rod, correct? If you still have some buzzing after adjusting the truss rod, is the only alternative to send it back? What else can be done? New guitars shouldn’t need fret work.

I bought the guitar online through Reverb through a large dealer called Music Zoo in NY. It was shipped out last Thurs from NY to Atlanta. I got it Sat afternoon. So I've had it for 2 days now, so it may very well have just needed to be humidified and acclimate for a few days. We'll see....

I have 14 day return period with Music Zoo. Their policy says buyer pays for return shipping unless item is "not as described". So I'm not sure if some string buzz would qualify for free shipping on the return or not? I guess you could make the argument that a new guitar shouldn't have string buzz???

OK some more details about the current setup....

I know how to do most setup related things myself but I'm not an expert. The neck had almost no relief, so I loosened the truss rod about 1/4 turn and now it measures .010. The action is a touch over .090. I like it at .090 or a smidge lower. The neck appears straight, with no abnormalities, but this is just using my own eyesight. The bridge is new, so it's plenty high. The nut seems to be OK, since the buzzing isn't on any open strings. I can double check the nut again and try to measure clearance, but that's not so easy to do. The buzz is mostly from the B string and on frets 1-5. I will double check later and try to pinpoint the buzz more. I checked the frets with a fret rocker and there were a few with a tiny amount of "rock", but nothing major. I will recheck those again more carefully today.

For those interested, here is a little demo video I made, but its only recorded with a cell phone. You probably won't be able to hear any fret buzz on this video, but you can hear and see the guitar itself.
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