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Originally Posted by MC5C View Post
Interested to see that you applied the binding after fretting and dressing the ends of the frets, since the more popular way is to bind the fretboard first, install the frets over the binding and then dress. I found that interesting because that's clearly how the frets on my '46 Epi Zephyr were done. The binding is definitely proud of the ends of the frets, no overlap.
I believe most manufacturers installed the frets, to the edge of the fingerboard, then applied the binding. Some, like Epiphone, left no nibs on the binding, some, like Gibson, did leave nibs. On Epiphone necks, the binding is usually nicely rounded to meet the fingerboard edge, making for a very comfortable feel. That's not possible on a Gibson neck, with the nibs. I no longer fret over the binding, after realizing how much I preferred the feel of a vintage Epi neck.
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