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Originally Posted by UncleJesse View Post
You could just be like my dad who carries around thumb and finger picks in his pocket everywhere he goes!
I know banjo players like that. They sit astonished when I fingerpick their instrument without the offered fingerpicks and thumb pick. They act as if it isn't even possible to play without the picks. [Yes, I just publicly confessed to sometimes playing a banjo! ]

Originally Posted by Bob Womack View Post
.....Whenever I have given a thumbpick a chance it really hasn't seemed to offer any benefit over my thumbnail.
Having fingerpicked since the early 80's I have never been able to adapt to a thumb pick or finger picks. Lord knows, I've tried. There is a box around here with several varieties of each but I could never really adapt. Fortunately I am blessed with strong nails that can grow fast enough to allow 60-90 minutes of daily play without wearing away too much.
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