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I have 3 Hybrid nylon guitars.

- Cordoba Fusion Maple 12 fret (779.00)
- Takamine Pro Series (1249.99)
- Taylor 712ce-N (3,000)

The Cordoba is a great guitar with that distinct Cordoba sound. It's plenty loud unplugged (louder than the other 2) and the tone is closer to a classical guitar than the other 2.

The Takamine has the most comfortable neck and destroys the other 2 when plugged into my Bose. Sadly when Unplugged it sounds like a hollowed out 2x4.

The Taylor wins the beauty contest and by far had the best factory setup. It sounds great but bang for the buck it is not.

If I were to recommend one to a first timer with a crossover then I would have to say the Fusion Maple 12 for sure. Awesome for fingerstyle, good sounding pickup, cutaway, great acoustic tone, and brand new at 779...
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